Liberty Pediatrics, PC
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Immunizations / Routine Care Visits
From ages birth - 25 years of age we administer based on state health department schedule immunizations needed for preventive care. Infant vaccinations with information and schedules provided to keep your child up to date. Children of daycare and school age are recommended to maintain routine well visits before entry to school, camp,daycare, or any other needs. Adolescent physicals for any reason such as working papers certificate, sports, college and job placement.
Liberty Pediatrics PC Services
At Liberty Pediatrics PC, keeping up to date medical needs and facts are a necessity for our patients. Our staff is available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our medical staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We offer our patients a variety of care and services. With our electronic medical records we are able to fulfill your needs for documentation accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Our pediatric office works closely and directly with surrounding schools, camps, and pharmacies to eliminate you as the middle person and gets needed paperwork and scripts completed. 
Sick visits 

We will always try our best to accomodate your schedule with ours and schedule you based on need, even in the same day. We encourage you to call ahead but never turn any of our patients away. We realize that children sometimes are unpredicatable with injuries, falls, and sickness'. We are here for you and your child's medical care and hope to resolve any diagnosis your child may have and plan for a great recovery.
Rates for services:

Initial Visits                                                      
All initial visits regardless of reason for visit is: $120.00 with no insurance coverage

Established Patient:
Sick patient visits are: $80.00 and Well patient visits with no insurance coverage is $120.00

Payment methods we accept:
Cash , debit, credit, HRA/Beni cards, Apple Pay, personal checks for established pts only in good standing accounts 
( return ck fee of $25 will apply ), All major Credit Cards accepted
Copays are due at time of service by responsible party accompanying child. A $5  fee added if billed
We provide equal access to healthcare services. We accept most major insurances and for those non-insured we provide information to help you obtain affordable health care.
Behavioral Health 

We perform behavioral health screenings and provide referrals to specialists based on each patient’s individual areas of concern and needs. As the primary care office we assure effective communication and care for eachs patients treatment.